Community Involvement

A Mayberry Christmas.

Founder and facilitator of  A Mayberry Christmas.

If you are a family that has been hit hard this year, there is no need to feel embarrassed or any emotion besides relief that you have one less thing to worry about. 

It has been an amazing experience over the last few years. The stories of that giving were as amazing as those who received it.


If you are a parent in need, I would like you to know by you allowing others to return the kindness shown to them in their past; you may be helping them to fulfill debts they feel they owe or promises they made to themselves years ago.

Michael Earley Photography. 

All proceeds from sales of the photographic work are donated to charity. Free photography services are provided for our project.

Kiwanis Club and Comunity Service

Michael continues to serve his community in any way possible.

He is the Lt Governor of the Kiwanis Club, Division 19.

He serves on the Kiwanis Family House Board of Directors.

He is the immediate Past President of the El Segundo Kiwanis Club Board of Directors.

He has served as a board member of the El Segundo Little League and the El Segundo Softball Association and was an active leader of the El Segundo Boy Scouts.

He has also served on many local community and school committees. 

Civil Air Patrol

“Service to others” is not just a cliché for the Real Estate team of Earley Schick..


Both Ben Schick and Michael Earley share their passion for volunteer service as members of the United States Air Force Auxiliary’s Civil Air Patrol (CAP). The Air Force includes CAP as part of the Air Force's “total force,” effectively incorporating CAP in non-combat missions on behalf of the Air Force.


As a strategic partner, the unpaid professionals in CAP have boldly served our nation, saving the Air Force almost 40 times the cost of using military assets for each hour served. CAP provides 85 percent of inland search and rescue and disaster-relief support to local, state, and national agencies and aerial reconnaissance for homeland security and remains continually postured to offer more.

Ben Schick has been a CAP member since 2003 and has risen to the rank of Lt. Col., the highest-ranking officer in Squadron 51, which is based at the Santa Monica Airport. He is a search and rescue mission instructor and airman check pilot.


Michael Earley's involvement in CAP began five years ago, and he is actively pursuing mission aircrew scanner, the position that searches from the airplane for whatever the mission requirement. His expertise in photography has served him to excel in that role.


CAP search and rescue missions typically call for flying very slow and low in areas other pilots have gotten into trouble; it is serious business for the airplane and aircrew. The dangers are mitigated by rigorous training, mission planning, threat assessment, and many support crews, both in other aircraft and on the ground. Often the Aircrew directs the ground search and recovery efforts with the advantage to see a much wider area. 

LIGA International

The Flying Doctors of Mercy

Every month October through June, between 10 and 20 small private planes wing their way from airports throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada to historic El Fuerte in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Over 100 dentists, audiologists, physicians, surgeons, podiatrists, anesthetists, nurse and translators, and others spend the weekend working to improve health and provide hope to the underserved people of Sinaloa, Mexico.

On their return to the USA, volunteers know they made a lasting impact on the local people and will have experienced a lifetime trip.

Located at the foot of the Sierra Madres and an entry point to the Copper Canyon, El Fuerte is a colonial town dating back to the 1500s; with its stone fort, hence the name El Fuerte, this is a wild and desolate region of Northern Mexico with limited health care resources for the underprivileged. Some patients come on foot from several hundred miles to seek treatment.

Volunteers help tens of thousands of persons every year, working with state-of-the-art, donated equipment and providing millions of dollars in services and equipment to the local people. 100% of donations are delivered directly to the people we serve in services and equipment. Liga is a California-registered 501(c)(3) corporation.

The impact of Liga’s work is felt far beyond the borders of Mexico. Volunteers who spend just one life-changing weekend with us expand their skills, confront challenges not encountered at home and return home with just a little bit more love in their hearts.